What to focus on in betting on running?

Running is not as easy as it seems to be. The sport combines many opportunities for gamesters – a good range of offers, a sufficient row of events, well-named athletes, etc. Betting on it is pretty lucrative, but before starting you have to dig into the particularities. Let’s overview the main aspects to know.

The origin of running and how it develops

Running competitions appeared a long, long time ago. Gradually, interest in attracting brave warriors who were able to defend their state against enemy attacks developed into sports competitions for strength, agility and endurance. The ancient Greeks originally used the category “athletics”, where running belongs, for all physical activities.
There is no wonder that one of the oldest disciplines of athletics is running.
It is believed that the beginning of the history of modern athletics was an Athletics competition in 1837. University students held a tournament with a distance of 2 kilometers. Over time, running just that distance turned out to be insufficient, and the program was expanded. Students began to compete in speed over short distances, with hurdles, throwing weights, jumping in length and height, etc. This sporting discipline so captured the minds that, in the mid-1960s, a special body created by the fans-the London Athletic Club-worked to popularize it.

Which are the types of stakes for betting on running?

First of all, we have to mention that the sport does not have as much depth and scope as, for instance, soccer, hockey, boxing or tennis. However, it doesn’t affect the result you may get gambling on.
As a rule, you are supposed to find not so many lines on running at bookmakers, but the market’s leaders and legal companies offer quite enough stakes to be placed.

Among the most common offers you can meet are the bets on:

  • the winner of the race;
    Here you need to choose the athlete (team, if it is a relay race) that will come to the finish line first in a particular race.
  • the winner of the tournament;
    It’s a bet where the gamester is supposed to correctly predict the winner of the entire tournament, for instance, the decathlon, and not the winner of a single discipline event.
  • the comparison;
    Literally, you can ask yourself – who is better? From a pair of athletes you need to choose who will perform better.
  • TOP two, three, five, ten;
    These markets may also be called in bookmakers’ betting lines like ‘Rank from 1 to 3’ and so on. In order to place a further stake here, it’s necessary to predict whether a participant will finish first.

The bookmaking offices extend the line on major sporting events too.This way, when the Olympic Games are set, it’s possible to find an offer for the number of medals for a certain country or to gamble on whether a new record will be set.

Striking the balance – which stake is the best to try?

No answer can be given. You must analyze precisely every detail to understand logically the cause-effect relation and after all you may choose the most suitable bet.