Short review on running betting

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Betting itself is highly popular all around the globe. It doesn’t matter who you are – a soccer fan or professional athlete who likes to gamble, it is the best alternative on how to relax and gain. Though there are many sports disciplines, among the most beneficial are soccer, hockey, boxing, tennis and running. So what do you know about it?

Running competitions take place all over the world and are very widespread. The advantage of this sport is that recreational runners can run almost anywhere, so running is accessible to a large part of the world’s population. Its various disciplines are part of athletics, as are weightlifting, discus throwing, high jump and other ones.
Although athletics is spectacular and popular, most bookmakers offer a range of stakes on the Summer Olympics events as well as other major tournaments, but the last ones are covered less than the first.

Running betting – historical evolution of the sport

Running dates back to ancient times, but after the fall of the ancient Greek Empire, this sport was forgotten for a long time. It was not until the eighteenth century that such tournaments were held in several European countries, and in the mid-nineteenth century several specific clubs appeared, popularizing running and other sports.
At the first Olympic Games in 1896, medals were awarded in six career disciplines. The sport immediately gained recognition and took root in the Olympic Games.
In 1912, the International Association of Athletics Federations was founded, which is also responsible for the running disciplines of athletics.
The European Athletics Championships have been held since 1934 and indoor tournaments since 1966. In the last 10 years, summer championships were held in even years and indoor championships in odd years.
The first world championships were not held until 1983, on the contrary, they are now held every year.
As you can see, running is not that easy and can’t be firmly associated only with the Olympics or hobby sporting. It’s a serious area, where athletes make significant efforts to build careers and increase the level of the discipline. Therefore, there is no wonder why bookmakers have already started considering running events as well.

What to bet on while running betting?

Here, as in every other discipline, the most common bets are placed on:

  • the winner of the tournament;
    As a rule, up to a hundred athletes take part in each major tournament event, but usually there are no more than 5 participants with a chance of success, thus mind the fact and gamble wisely.
  • on the winner of the race;
    The same aspects are applied here. Remember that athletes in the final round are selected by playoffs.
  • on the TOP two, three, four or even five sportsmen;
    You are free to choose some favorites and start betting on their performance (on which places will be taken by each of them).
  • on the handicap;
    It’s a bet on one of the two sprinters who will eventually take the highest place.
  • etc.

What are the main features of running betting?

As it’s impossible to describe all the details, mention these key points.
Outdoor running tournaments usually take place in summer and indoor tournaments in winter. However, bookmakers tend to ignore winter tournaments due to the low demand of weather for these betting markets, so mind that.
Also it’s necessary to consider the period before betting, as the main running season only lasts 4 months, the other time is dedicated to physical preparation or setting up local tournaments.

What is a marathon and is it worth betting on?

Marathon is a relay for a long distance. It may be set both by international sporting organizations and private entrepreneurs.
It is an interesting event to pay attention to, although the best thing is to gamble on the sportsman you know, because if you stake on strangers, the risk to lose is high enough. But obviously marathon betting is worth trying.

How to prepare and what to do to succeed in running betting?

Let’s try to puzzle out using the example of the Olympics. At the last Summer Olympics, athletics was represented by 13 disciplines. You need to understand that when analyzing each discipline, you need to take into account different factors.
In the short distance race, the acceleration ability of a participant at the start is important. The longer the distance, the better the athlete’s initial acceleration. The longer the distance, the more important the his or her ability to use his or her power properly.
When betting on the outcome of a race, remember that the favorites in the semifinals and quarterfinals of major tournaments don’t use all their power. Therefore, the preliminary favorite of a tournament can be the second or even the third in the heats. The main thing for them is to qualify for the finals and prove themselves there.
Motivation is crucial too, all athletes become more motivated when it’s an essential race. At every big event there are many international, national and personal records. Even if a participant knows he or she is no match for the favorites, a personal record or a national record at a major event is also a great motivation in this case.
In individual races it’s usually obvious who the favorites are, but in relays there are many more aspects to consider, especially when new members join the team. It is not easy to compare the strength of the athletes and predict their results in the relay.
Apart from that, in running disciplines you need to take into account weather conditions, prize money, spectator support, previous statistics, physical shape and injuries.

So is it possible to succeed in running betting?

Of course, it is. In order to win and make cash you should study the discipline and the market as well. Analyze, enjoy and stake.